22 april EARTH DAY more on:
http://www.earthday.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Day      
22 Apr 2016
Wooden bowls, handmade from old discarded wood and  roots.
Protect our healthy trees, forests ... the lungs of our planet!   #naked4earth #EcoNude  
28 Feb 2016

water is health
Clean hands can save your life
water is nature
Ecosystems lie at the heart of the global water cycle
water is urbanization
Every week, one million people move into cities
water is...
22 Mar 2015
Who does not enjoy pure, unspoiled nature?

Preserve it also for generations to come.

18 Feb 2015
Help us raising the awareness, informing people about polluted nature and eco disasters through your photos.

And also about the beauty of nature and eco lifestyle.

  Photo contributions send...
10 Oct 2014

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