Wonderful tourist destination, Island of Pag in Croatia, is full of unique beaches, hills, viewpoints... And also full of illegal waste dumps.

We can find such a dump on the local road with a wonderful viewpoint (see photo). It is full...
10 Sep 2017
Join us for Earth Hour 2016 on 19 March 8:30 PM and together let us shine a light on climate action. https://www.earthhour.org/ #EarthHour    
18 Mar 2016
Every day we throw away catastrophic quantities of used plastic bags. Entire world population consumes about 500 billion bags every year. That means about a million every minute!
Most bags end up in wild garbage dumps somewhere in nature....
22 Feb 2016
Be careful when choosing the colours for the walls in your home.

When it comes to painting, do pay attention which kind of colour you choose.

There are many colours and inks on the market that contain dangerous...
23 Dec 2015
Bottled water is the World's most popular drink, but unfortunately it is also 1500 to 15 000 times more expensive than tap water.

Ever wondered why?

Here are some facts. For production of one standard 1 litre PET...
23 Dec 2015
Protect animals and say NO to leather shoes!
And, of course, to all other leather products.
29 Sep 2014
A good example seen in the hotel (located in the coast of Istria), where employees care about the environment.

Just repeat what they wrote.

Do you know the life span of waste that you can find on the...
14 Jul 2014
What will you do on the World Environment Day?

Maybe take some eco erotic photos or videos? Why not?
Be different from others! And don't forget that environmental pollutions is not only other people's problem.
It is...
05 Jun 2014
Plastic is all around us.

It is in our homes and offices, our vehicles, our yards and playgrounds. We use it to package food, bottle products, bag produce, make dinnerware and utensils, make toys...

Plastic is a very...
28 Apr 2014
Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine life without cars. With today's pace of life, work and other commitments it is almost impossible not to use car or even be without one.

Yet some of the habits and customs that came with...
21 Feb 2014

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