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Here is how you can help expanding the EcoNude messages around the world.

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Without your help we cannot achieve practical and factual changes in the ecological awareness and thus protect the environment.
We invite you to participate in creating this site through your photos, videos, texts, opinions and suggestions.

We will publish only photos, movies and blogs that will comply with the context of policy. You can find photo and video specifications in Contributions section.

If you can and desire to shoot erotic photos and videos we recommend the following.

1. Find a polluted place in your current neighbourhood; a place with scattered trash, illegal dumps, contaminated river, lake, seat or groundwater, etc., or vehicles like SUV's, trucks, airplanes, but also Eco-friendly matters like trains, Eco articles, Eco vehicles. Things with large carbon footprint and just beautiful and unspoiled nature. It depends on your knowledge and imaginations. And then there is also tougher part. In the same area also find unspoiled parts. Erotic-ecological photos has to be taken in a way that clearly displays both; part(s) of model's body and pollution. In other words, if you want to point out any specific ecological problem, place your model in a way that both are clearly visible. You can take photos with your mobile phone or digital camera. However they must meet following conditions... 

2. Information about where photo was taken would be welcome. We give you the choice to add your Facebook and Twitter account or your website, should you have one, but this is a reciprocal matter. You must also visibly add our link to your website.

3. Your images and movies will be processed in order to make them ready for the website. Please do not destroy the images if you want to protect faces of models. Photos and movies will be posted on the section of our website, designed specifically for that.

4. If you provide accurate information about the shooting location (select below) we will add ONE photo to Google Earth ( In order to respect Google's Privacy Policy, this photo should be "normal", meaning there may not be any exposed intimate body parts on it. You can achieve erotic accents also without that.




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