We proudly post a series art photos from master of photography Janez Pelko.

04 Jul 2016

  Wish You Happy New Year 2016
27 Dec 2015
Wish You Happy New Year 2015      
26 Dec 2014
Hot Spicy And All Natural   Home bio organic vegetable production.
20 Sep 2014
Home bio organic vegetable production.

Try it if only you have the possibility.
It is healthy and fun. And, of course, home-grown vegetables are incomparably tastier and of a completely higher quality as the one you can buy in the...
13 Sep 2014

*I want to ride my bicycle

We like to ride our bicycles, because this is healthy, fun and we do not pollute the environment. But riding a bike is useful for more than just plain fun. It also saves the planet.

It is...
02 Jun 2014
See how our friend Professor Emma saves electricity. ... to the satisfaction of her neighbours.  
09 Mar 2014
Welcome to the new Econude.org portal.

The title of the portal tells you what kind of content you can expect here.
Small group of people, which gathered around this project, are parents who are concerned about what kind of planet...
24 Feb 2014

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