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Hazardous waste generated in households is due to higher dispersion and a large number of sources very difficult to control. With only one battery that is thrown into the container between other waste will cause that high risk substances, in this case, heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel and chromium, mercury, lead, etc., to infect all other trash. So hazardous substances from this waste released into the environment, especially in soil and groundwater (water washes them away into the ground, and from there come into a source of drinking water in food and thus also in our bodies).


Submit old and used batteries in the store where you bought them. In most major retail stores that sell batteries or battery appliances, there should be a box for them standing  near the cash box.

Even better is to use batteries that can be recharged with the charger in the domestic power grid or even solar cells.

With them you will help our Earth and your wallet.

It is time to stop turning a blind eye and accept the responsibility for our own health, the health of our children, animals and Mother Earth.

In the market of the European Union as much as 40 million tonnes of products are classified as hazardous waste.



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