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Negligent use of creams containing various (UV filters) chemical filters to protect against UV rays, reduces the reproductive capacity of our descendants and threatening thousands of species of fish and other water animals and millions of people who eats them.

For at least thirty years, we know that excessive exposure to sunlight poses a serious risk to the skin and to cause various types of skin diseases, including dangerous melanomas, malignant tumor whose frequency of occurrence is increasing annually by 4 to 6 percent, thus doubling every 15 years. The development of this deadly disease affects mainly the frequency of exposure to the sun!

Experts and media bombards us with warnings about the dangers of unprotected sun bathing for decades, so that the we use creams  diligently and we do not think about the potentially dangerous consequences. 

The U.S. sunscreen market is said to turn a billion dollars a year. For European countries, in principle applies, to sell one cream on every fourth inhabitant per year. Even though experts for several years know that certain synthetic substances in creams that act as filters for protectio against the influence of ultraviolet rays on the skin, can be dangerous they are still used by some brands. Researchers not only warn us to the substances that cause hormonal changes, but also to those that loose its purpose completely at short exposure to the sun, even though manufacturers says the opposite.

The fact is that manufacturers of sunscreens unanimously rejecting the established arguments proven with research techniques and by science.

How to protect yourself?

Single answer to this question, except completely safe hiding in the shadows or the use of t-shirts to achieve the "aristocratic paleness", is that you can not. 
In the summer, exposingto sun between 11.00 am and 16.00 is not the smartest thing to do. Look for natural or artificial shade, treat yourself to a cold refreshing drink and enjoy the good company. 
For the time when you are exposed to the sun, try to be protected by sunscreen, which does not contain hazardous ingredients.

The photo was taken in the sea, just in front of the beach in a small bay with a lot of people. Do you see how turbid and oily is water? And this is not photoshoped!




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