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Bottled water is the World's most popular drink, but unfortunately it is also 1500 to 15 000 times more expensive than tap water.

Ever wondered why?

Here are some facts. For production of one standard 1 litre PET bottle, stopper, labels and packing we use approximately 3.4 mega joule of energy. From one barrel of oil we get about 6000 mega joule of energy, sufficient for production of 1760 plastic bottles.

Just imagine this. Each time you drink one bottle of water, you also use a quarter of litre of oil. The estimate for the USA is 17 million of barrels of oil per year! But here is the ironic side. When 1 litre bottle is filled, we lose 3 litres of clean water that goes down the drain as waste water.

Now think about this all and try to avoid drinking bottled water. You will help Mother Nature.




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