This global celebration of forests provides a platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and of trees outside forests. Forests cover one third of the Earth's land mass, performing vital functions around the world....
21 Mar 2016

Woman are always beautiful and they always deserve our respect.   Wishing you a happy woman’s day.    
08 Mar 2016
Bottled (PET) water FIJI from Fiji Island in the Pacific Ocean. And we drink it in the United States, Europe, Asia... Have we completely lost our minds?

Drinking bottled water in plastic PET bottles transported from a remote location...
06 Aug 2015
  22 april EARTH DAY more on:
22 Apr 2015

When your pantyhose have runs and tears in them, don’t  throw them away. Someone somewhere will have a use for them, ... for smart solution in home, garden, ... or even to satisfy their own nylons fetishes. 

02 Mar 2015
Don't let the lack of yard space keep you from gardening this Spring and Summer. Many kinds of vegetables thrive in containers, located on patios, balconies, porches or windowsills.

Limited garden space might prevent you from...
16 Feb 2015
Without bees there is no life on Earth. Bees die in large numbers. Why?

Maybe it is all due to insecticides, spraying of the fields, radiation from mobile networks... Nobody knows for sure.

The simple fact is the bees are...
19 Nov 2014
Did you know how many constituents, hazardous for our environment, can be found in your smartphone?

Silver Ag
Gold Au 
Indium In 
Palladium Pd 
Yttrium Y 
Gallium Ga 
08 Oct 2014
Each EU resident makes an average 528 kilograms of communal/household waste per year (data for 2103).

The amount of household waste in the last 20 years has increased by three times. Most household "intensive" nation in the EU...
29 May 2014
Bottled water is the World's most popular drink, but unfortunately it is also 1500 to 15 000 times more expensive than tap water.

Ever wondered why?

Here are some facts. For production of one standard 1 litre PET...
05 Jan 2014

Negligent use of creams containing various (UV filters) chemical filters to protect against UV rays, reduces the reproductive capacity of our descendants and threatening thousands of species of fish and other water animals and millions of...
21 Feb 2014
Hazardous waste generated in households is due to higher dispersion and a large number of sources very difficult to control. With only one battery that is thrown into the container between other waste will cause that high risk substances, in this...
21 Feb 2014

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