Feel free to send your videos.
Videos must be uploaded in demanded manner. Entering your website into available form needs to
meet some requirements first. There has to be clearly visible link to our site or our banner on your file
galleries before they are published!
Any uploaded files MUST BE your own work! It is essential you've made these photos yourself.
Before you start uploading make sure you read some additional demands.

Video clips will be published only if they contain the right topics such as content which is linked to
eco solutions
eco proposals
eco lifestyle
And of course it must, in any case, present also female body, whole or just body parts.
Explicit content is strictly forbidden! All persons on photos or videos must be at least18 years old!

Video characteristics:
-  Width at least 512pix
-  Max. File size: 35Mb
-  No watermark or other banners
-  Formats: mp4, mpg2 or wmv

- Faces on videos can be covered, blinded, masked and similar, just don’t destroy your work with this


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