10 Eco Commandments

1. Save electricity!
Do not leave the lights turned on if not necessary. Switch off the TV when you are not watching it. Switch off the computer when not in use. In you act responsibly in those ways mentioned, you will do something good for both, the environment and your wallet.

2. Collect and sort waste. Recycle it according to your abilities.

3. Means of transport - car, plane, bike, .... 

4. Do not dispose waste in nature

5. Food, Fruits and Vegetables - Pay attention to Carbon Footprint! Buy from goods local producers!

6. Bottled (PET) water

Do not buy and drink water in plastic bottles. It is poisoning and polluting both your nature and your body. In many cases tap water is of a higher quality that bottled water. The bottled one is 1500 to 15 000 times more expensive than tap water.

7. Water and its conservation

8. Plastics & packaging

Buy as little as possible of those products, which are in plastic packaging. Do not use plastic bags.

9. Do not buy cheap and bad products 

10. Use renewable energy 


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